Supporting Arts

Impact believes in addressing our most important issues in an objective way. In addition to this pursuit we do our best to support the arts and cultural elements of society whenever we can as these accomplishments confirm our creativity and humanness.


Part of helping art take form is supporting it’s diversity, uniqueness, and potential to inspire. Please join us in our support of Toasty Day and Matthew Borja, a rising entrepreneur from the Bronx. 

Born in New York city, started by the youth TOASTY DAY is an annual concert that aims to start the summer off with an explosive event that showcases multi-platinum artists, as well as artists who use the concert as a platform to gain future success.

VIP Admission ticket/IMPACT VIP
(LIMITED 30 people)

  • Express line skip directly to the front of the line (find doorman in front of the venue. Mention that you are a VIP ticket holder to proceed to the event with no wait)
  • Access to the PST VIP platform, food & beverage vendors, full cash bar, bottle service, and a clear view to the stage.

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The Rockaways, the new duo of Steve Powers & Max Landry is set to take on the world with a unique style and flair that will instantly make you take notice.

Theses artists are also straight gangsters in case you haven’t heard about them.

These two emerging musical superstars have been able to amass such huge accomplishments in such a short time on their own including, millions of streams, headline shows across the world, support from some of the biggest names in music like Tiesto, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, as well as performing with the likes of Afrojack, Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, and many more. It only makes sense for the talented pair to join forces and create their own lane.