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IMPACT: Recent Events

 April 24, 2018 Impact NYC hosted the Impact Jobs events. We’ve discussed all sides of workplace automation. Our panel of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation experts engaged a lively discussion at We Work Bryant Park, 54 W. 40th St. at 7:00pm.

The fault lines between the future of work are emerging. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation predict wealth, productivity, and new skillsets for humans unlike what we’ve seen in the past centuries of civilization and possibly more quickly then we’ve ever imagined. These new innovations will change our jobs and our incomes. Simultaneously they’ll create painful dislocations if we aren’t careful.

Impacts Jobs

Our recent event hosted by Impact NYC. We’ve tackled all sides of workplace automation together last April, 24, 2018. Our panel of artificial intelligence, robotics and other automation experts engaged in lively discussion at We Work Bryant Park, 54 W. 40th St.

History shows us it’s impossible and somewhat foolish to try and stop progress and tremendous changes in productivity. At the same time, it’s important to visualize and prepare for how these changes will affect different parts of society.

Join us and the world’s best futurists, scientists, inventors, coders, and community leaders for a discussion on the future of work and how each of us and the communities we lead can get ahead of the coming change and not be left behind by it.


Andrew Yang

Entrepreneur & Democratic Candidate for President 2020

Andrew is an American entrepreneur, the Founder of Venture for America, and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. He has worked in startups and early stage growth companies as a founder or executive for nearly two decades. He is the author of Smart People Should Build Things, published by HarperCollins, and The War on Normal People, about automation of labor.

Heidi Shierholz

Fmr. Chief Economist Dept. of Labor

Heidi Shierholz was Chief Economist to the U.S. Secretary of Labor, serving under Secretary Thomas Perez in the Obama Administration. Shierholz leads the Economic Policy Institute’s policy team, which monitors wage and employment policies coming out of Congress and the administration and advances a worker-first policy agenda.

James Bessen

Professor Boston University Law

James Bessen is an economist and Lecturer at Boston University School of Law since 2004. Previously he was a CEO of a software company. Bessen was also a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Bessen researches the economics of innovation, including patents and economic history and is a graduate of Harvard College.

David Ferrucci speaking

David Ferrucci

Inventer, IBM Watson

With decades of experience in AI, Dr. Ferrucci built and led the IBM Watson team from its inception through its landmark Jeopardy success in 2011 when Watson defeated the greatest Jeopardy! players of all time. He has worked with Bridgewater’s Founder Ray Dalio to develop cutting edge data models and runs Elemental Cognition.

Liz Shuler

Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO

Elizabeth H. Shuler is an American labor activist and, since September 16, 2009, Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO. She is the first woman and (as of 2009) the youngest person to hold the position of Secretary-Treasurer. She is the highest-ranking woman in the labor federation’s history.