Here at Impact we are committed to bringing you news and information about the current issues facing all Americans. We present these issues to you in as impartial a manner as possible but do attempt through our forums and events to provide New York as a lens through which these issues can be viewed.

Here are the issues we have and are covering:


Impact Education recently brought together top minds to understand what makes today’s education systems great and what needs to be built for tomorrow and to answer questions from the public.

Election Reform

Our 5th Impact Forum was held on September 14, 2016 at Civic Hall, NYC’s foremost center for civic technology & innovation, on the topic of Elections. Election Systems are best understood by the rules and incentives constructed around them.


The US (especially NYC) has been a melting pot of cultures, providing opportunity to those looking to make a better life. 


This Issue Brief is intended to identify areas that are likely to experience high utilization or tightness of capacity, and proposes interventions in the hope of preemptively resolving scarcity or crises where the relevant infrastructural systems fail to deliver core services.

Prison Reform

Few things stir emotions as violently as a discussion about prison reform. Knowing that, and knowing how important a fair and balanced view of the facts and history are to decision making, we have approached the issues around criminal justice, prisons and prison reform from several angles.

Workplace Automation

America’s geriatric prison population is growing