Impact NYC has been putting the spotlight on the issues surrounding the US election system. In September, 2016, we hosted two events and invited New Yorkers to meet with and learn from several experts on the subject. Our first report on these events covered our Impact Forum that you can read about here.

Civic Hall Panel

In September 23, 2016, Impact NYC held a Civic Hall Panel event with experts on election issues including campaign finance and ways to improve the whole system. Click the image below to view a brief video that provides an overview of this informal event. The video will also give you an idea of what to expect if you attend an Impact NYC event in the future: Impact Civic Hall Event on the US Election System

You can also read the transcript of the meeting here.

Read the Issue Brief

Elections Issue Brief PDF


The Impact NYC team creates a detailed issued brief covering the major sub-topics within each spotlight issue. For even more background information, here’s a PDF version of our Elections Issue Brief you can download.