Prison Reform

aerial view of Rikers island prison
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Few things stir emotions as violently as a discussion about prison reform. Knowing that, and knowing how important a fair and balanced view of the facts and history are to decision making, we have approached the issues around criminal justice, prisons and prison reform from several angles.




Issue Brief:

an inmate sitting in a locked prison cellFrom 1991, US incarceration rates have risen from 480 per 100,000 residents to a 690 per 100,000 residents around 2014. This compares unfavorably with the typical global rate of 130, and at least double the incarceration rate of 90% of all other countries in the world.

With one year of their release, 43.4% of offenders are rearrested. Within three years, that rate is up to 67.8%.

High incarceration rates and high recidivism have left our prison system in a constant state of overcrowding. Federal jurisdiction currently houses a prison population that is 128% of capacity.

This brief will help you understand the causes behind these shocking statistics.

Download a PDF version of Impact Prisons Issue Brief

Past Events:

Criminal Justice Reform: March 16, 2017

This event was the culmination of a six-month long effort to highlight the issues surrounding prison reform. Leading experts in criminal justice, law enforcement, prisons and neuroscience held panel discussions on prison reform.

You can listen to the entire meeting here:

Or, you can view these video highlights from the panel discussions:

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