Iconic 1976 Steinberg drawing cover

Saul Steinberg’s iconic 1976 illustration for the New Yorker magazine depicting the relationship between New York City and the rest of the United States inspired numerous parodies and proved that as New Yorkers we can politely chuckle at ourselves, after all.

But today there are plenty of reasons for New Yorkers to put the needs of their city above the general issues facing the whole country. Unfortunately, there’s nothing funny about what’s going on under 9th Ave. today. New York City’s infrastructure is sadly in need of major updates – and fast.


Issue Brief:

This Issue Brief is intended to provide a broad overview on the status of major infrastructure systems in the US. It identifies areas that are likely to experience high utilization or tightness of capacity, and proposes interventions in the hope of preemptively resolving scarcity or crises where the relevant infrastructural systems fail to deliver core services.

At its core, it acknowledges the limitations of centralized, top down approach toward infrastructure development. It proposes some adjustments to conventional decision making that build in additional leeway for bottom up efforts to drive change.

The brief originated as a response seeking to shape the focus of President Trump’s infrastructure spending plan, and carries with it a heavy emphasis on evaluating the suitability of the solutions that have been raised as a means of translating that vision into action.

Download the PDF version of theImpact Infrastructure Brief here.

Thanks to support of Fiscal Note we share the following legislative report: FN – Infrastructure


On November 14, 2017, ImpactNYC brought together leading experts on infrastructure issues to discuss the current situation in New York and the US. Here are some of the highlights:


Impact Infrastructure Dinner Attendee Bios



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