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Workplace Automation News of Interest

More than 960,000 Americans worked in the warehouse industry in October, 2017. That’s up 42% over the past decade according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. An additional 246,000 positions went unfilled. Several firms are racing to

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Why Your Subway Ride Is Getting Worse

Unless you’re that person who manages to sleep through any subway ride disaster only to magically awaken right before your stop, you don’t need anyone to tell you that the MTA is in trouble. Crumbling tracks, faulty signals and severe overcrowding are all obvious fault lines. Many of the rail lines

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Hyperloop One Names Top 10 Routes

Hyperloop One, the company looking to actually build the first hyperloop transportation systems announced it’s list of finalists to be potential first routes for their groundbreaking transportation technology. It recently held a global competition requesting proposals for routes. The short list represents those routes that could tie together some of the world’s largest populations centers (150 million people) and

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The Centennial No One Wants to Celebrate

When we talk about an “infrastructure” we are talking about the underlying systems that allow a ecosystem to stand and to function. In our case of New York City, the infrastructure consists of:

    • the roads, bridges, railways, ports and airports that bring in people and goods

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NY to DC in 30 Minutes: Is the Hyperloop Coming?

Elon Musk’s Boring Company is ready to take a step closer towards making Hyperloop, the proposed high-speed transport system, a reality. Musk claims the vacuum-tube transport system that will connect New York and Washington, DC can go beyond 600mph, transporting passengers within approximately 29 minutes. If such technology pushes through, The Boring Company’s Hyperloop will help solve many public transportation problems many citizens and tourists are experiencing in New York and other linked cities.

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Impact Civic Hall Event on the US Election System

Elections Brief and Event Transcript

Impact NYC has been putting the spotlight on the issues surrounding the US election system. In September, 2016, we hosted two events and invited New Yorkers to meet with and learn from several experts on the subject. Our first report on these events covered our Impact Forum

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Impact Forum V: Election Reform

Our 5th Impact Forum was held on September 14, 2016 at Civic Hall, NYC’s foremost center for civic technology & innovation, on the topic of Elections. Election Systems are best understood by the rules and incentives constructed around them. Evaluating the United States’ and New York’s Electoral Systems reveals a series of important policy choices that will shape what our electorate will look like in the coming decades.

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Impact Forum III: Intelligent Education Systems

Impact Education recently brought together top minds to understand what makes today’s education systems great and what needs to be built for tomorrow and to answer questions from the public.

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Impact Forum II: Social Issues Affecting NYC

Impact Local explored social projects affecting local NYC communities. We discussed and voted on which where most important for New Yorkers to get started on in 2015 and which had the promise of effective impact. Presenting initiatives: Civil Forfeiture, Cultivating the Citizens of Tomorrow, We Radiate, Every Minute Matters, Freeing the Innocent (v2), and Zekle. The leaders of Civil Forfeiture, We Radiate and Freeing the Innocent were voted in as Impact Fellows. Sponsored by 118 Capital.

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Inaugural Impact Forum

NYC is filled with motivated, brilliant individuals with great ideas to give back to their communities or change them for the better. Those social entrepreneurs, however, face huge challenges in getting their projects off the ground. A complicated legal & political environment, a crowded market for non-profit mindshare, hard-to-come-by connections, and a lack of seed financing are just a few of these obstacles. IMPACT was founded as a platform through which we could pool these resources and leverage them to help the best social entrepreneurs in NYC succeed.

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