Why ImpactNYC Exists

In a democratic society, the facts are a prerequisite to informed progress. Yet our current political environment, clouded by spin and obscured by an overabundance of media, fails to deliver the hard data, diversity of viewpoints and ability to personally engage that we believe are critical to a true understanding of our problems. Impact seeks to provide citizens with a better way to engage personally in social progress: one built on a foundation of scholarship, respectful of individual liberty of choice, and empowered by a collective responsibility of leaving a better world for generations to come.

What We Do

ImpactNYC is building New York City’s premiere medium for deep intellectual exchange between motivated citizens and top-tier experts on key social impact subjects. The foundation of this effort is Impact Events, an ongoing live learning & discussion series aimed at offering attendees a chance to understand, discuss, and explore opportunities for social impact on their own terms. Each Event addresses a major issue head-on, bringing together top-tier thought leaders and engaged citizens of all stripes.

To arm all participants with a common starting ground, the Impact team produces spin-free factual research in advance of each Event, all work vetted by experts from the full spectrum of viewpoints. The core content of each Event consists of an Experts Panel carefully chosen for equal representation of opinions and primary knowledge of the facts underpinning the issue at hand. Discussion is seeded by points raised in our research and guided by the audience via a live engagement system, with the help of an Impact moderator. We hear all sides of the issue with the end goal of surfacing viable actions for progress. All participants are surveyed before and after the event to demonstrate our collective evolution of thinking on a topic and to ensure we continually optimize our Forums to maximize understanding.

Where We’re Headed

Facilitating a rigorous understanding of the facts underpinning the complex social & political issues our society faces is no small task, and not a charge we take lightly. But it is only the first step on the path to social impact. Collectively, members of the Impact community wield a diverse arsenal of ideas, expertise, and resources. We are putting this firepower to work behind the opportunities for action we uncover through our Events. As our membership and collective resources expand, so too will our ability to identify, launch & accelerate actions for social progress.

Why You Should Join Us

The breadth and scale of the issues we’re addressing are massive. As an individual, understanding them is difficult enough, not to mention finding ways to foster change or have any kind of measurable impact. US voter turnout is dropping and political disaffection is at an all-time high. But Impact isn’t business as usual: we’re not a party, PAC, or advocacy group, nor are we beholden to any ideology, interest or group. Impact is a new way to engage and make progress by our own hands.

Impact Team

The team here at ImpactNYC is made up of volunteers. Click here to learn more about us.

Impact Experts

We are delighted to share this roster of distinguished Subject Matter Experts who have made previous Impact Events so memorable. Click here to see who has joined this elite group.