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Impact is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to understanding today’s most pressing social & political issues and promoting viable actions for progress.

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From our latest event: Criminal Justice Reform: March 16, 2017


"It was an exceptional evening with incredible energy around the issue!! Kudos to you and your great staff. I was honored to be part of it on behalf of the wonderful women of Hour Children….and their families! Continue…you make a difference!"

- Sister Tesa FItzgerald
  Founder, Hour Children & Impact Prisons Expert

Note from Hour Children


In case you missed it. Listen to the full conversation below.

Explore Impact Prisons further by watching videos of the panels and reading the issue brief.

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Our Approach


We work with experts to craft an in-depth examination of the topics we cover. Our aim is to provide an objective overview of a social problem to galvanize our community members to think of new solutions to solve it.


By convening thought leaders with diverse perspectives, we are able to provide our community members a chance to dive into a social issue through engaged conversation and questions.


We sponsor social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to solving a social issue to advance their mission and impact in New York City.

Previous Events

Impact Experts composing the panel at Elections included: Ann Ravel (Federal Elections Commissioner), Gustavo Rivera (New York State Senator), James Bopp (Plaintiff's Attorney for Citizens United v. FEC), Richard Briffault (Professor, Columbia Law School), the legal advisor to Stephen Colbert's Presidential Campaign, the President of the NYC Campaign Finance Board, and more.

What makes a sensible immigration policy? How should borders define citizenship, residency, and rights? 26% of the U.S. population is either a first- or second-generation immigrant. It is estimated that 30% of New York residents are born outside of the United States. The Impact community joined a panel of top experts on immigration-related policy and social justice for a dialogue on the future of the US immigration system, hosted at the Soho House.

Impact Education brought together top minds to understand what makes today's education systems great and what needs to be built for tomorrow. What is an intelligent education system? The best design to educate our society, as we discussed, must leverage technology but be cognizant of the very human elements that distinguish successful teachers and schools. With the rise of charter schools, waste in public education funding, influence of teacher's unions, and the difficulty in compensating success: what are the principles and design elements of best educational systems of the future?