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Workplace Automation


It could be argued that workplace automation became an issue in 1870. The typewriter had been invented a couple of years prior and was beginning to make its presence felt in business offices around the world. However, it’s the pace of new discovery and adoption that makes automation an issue that could not just evolve, but completely disrupt an industry that affects you.



Few things shape us as completely, or as subtly as the infrastructure of our city. Where and how we get our water, to how we move around the city and even the buildings we work and live in, help define our daily lives. New York City’s aging underpinnings are crumbling. We all know we need to work on it, but where to start, how can one person help and other questions are not so easy to answer.



Policies are set at a federal level, but immigration is a topic that hits NYC squarely. While Lady Liberty beckons to all to come, Ellis Island still stands as a counterpoint “if.” Politics today teeter on that same razors edge on all the key immigration topics from US citizenship, to dreamers and humanitarian relief. How can New Yorkers lead the way on such complex issues?




We work with experts to craft an in-depth examination of the topics we cover. Our aim is to provide an objective overview of a social problem to galvanize our community members to think of new solutions to solve it.


By convening thought leaders with diverse perspectives, we are able to provide our community members a chance to dive into a social issue through engaged conversation and questions.


Sis. Tesa Fitzgerald

“It (our forum event on prison reform) was an exceptional evening with incredible energy around the issue!! Kudos to you and your great staff. I was honored to be part of it on behalf of the wonderful women of Hour Children….and their families! Continue…you make a difference!”

– Sister Tesa FItzgerald

Founder, Hour Children & Impact Prisons Expert