Impact Forum V: Elections

September 2016

Our 5th Impact Forum was held on September 14, 2016 at Civic Hall in NYC exploring the topic of Elections: US elections systems, voting, campaign finance and their affect on our Constitutional rights to political representation. Impact Elections explored key question such as: How does money predict elections? How will technology shape voting of the future? Does the current voting system fundamentally fail certain segments of our country's population? What can voting systems from other nations tell us about options for change? Learn more about Impact Elections here and explore the corresponding Impact Brief below.


Impact Forum IV: Borders

January 2016

Impact Borders, our 4th Forum, explored the subject of Borders: the state of US immigration demographics and policy. The Forum took place on the evening of Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at the Soho House in NYC. We discussed: What makes a sensible immigration policy? How should borders define citizenship, residency, and rights? Learn more about Impact Borders here and explore the corresponding Impact Brief below.


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